Stay at My Place


Come in and rest!

Hello and welcome to my place.  I have a nice 2 room apt near MagdeburgGermany for rent.  Its 5 minutes by foot to the local trains an busses that connect you to most anywhere in Germany.  The one room is used as my office and the other has been empty for some time.  I travel and work in Germany so the place is yours to use as you like.  Its not a four star hotel but more like a youth hostel without all stress, people stealing your stuff, or sharing a room with strangers. For about the same price of a Youth Hostel (15 euros per person per night) you get a full apt!  So if you will be travelling thru Germany in the next few months then email me and I will reserve a few days for you AT MY PLACE!Cool

Your room

A large sunny room w/single bed,fireplace,computer w/free internet, place for clothing and lots of floor space for a guest!  Its private and you have a key.

Computer Corner

Sit down and surf, email or blog! Its right across from your bed!


The bathroom is also sunlit on most days and warm.  Very clean and tidy.

The Kitchen

The table is near the window w/nice views.  Their are stores (open till 8pm) and bakeries (that open at 5:30 am) withing 5-7 minutes walking distance.  Cooking is allowed but please keep it clean.

If you like what you have seen or want to see more please contact me at  or go to my website  Thanks for comming by MY PLACE!

For even more info send a post card to:

A.R. ,Postfach 4021,39015 Magdeburg,Germany

make sure to include a return address!Cool